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Mortgages + AI. It’s Time.


Mortgages + AI. It’s Time.

Livegage is the fintech authority pioneering the application of AI to the world of mortgages.

Our patent-pending AI engine, VAIDA™, powers a suite of products engineered to solve real business problems and fill the gaps in the mortgage ecosystem

Transform Your Operation

AI-powered products built for the mortgage ecosystem

Exponentially reduce your regulatory and compliance risk, optimize servicer performance, minimize portfolio yield leakage, and automate your bank reconciliation and contract management process while you run your business more efficiently with the Livegage suite of AI-powered products. Each product is a stand-alone module built to be integrated into your existing systems in as little as 30 – 45 days.

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Groundbreaking Technology

VAIDA™, the breakthrough in mortgage technology innovation

Livegage has engineered a Natural Language Processing engine, VAIDA. Developed over 24 months, it’s the first artificially intelligent engine specifically trained to understand mortgage servicing and origination data, documents, guidelines, and regulations. It’s the power behind our ability to move beyond buzzwords and genuinely apply AI to solve the most challenging tech problems in the most complex consumer debt class – residential mortgages.

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